Head, hands, torso, legs: Iron Man 2 Nick Fury
Arms: Rise of Cobra Paris Pursuit Snake-eyes
Jacket: DC Infinite Heroes Commissioner Gordon
Pistol: Marauder Inc.

"I want to talk to you about the Avenger Initiative." With those words at the end of the first Iron Man movie, the larger Marvel movie-verse began to take shape. Taking a larger role in the sequel, Nick Fury finally got an action figure that came in a TRU 4-pack. The headsculpt was perfect and the body allowed him to fit in seamlessly into my collection. But the cloth coat, though really well done, looked off. So I picked up a second figure and put him under the knife. The Paris Pursuit Snake-eyes arms fit the torso and had the right look. The DCIH Gordon coat matched the quilted collar of the movie coat. With a little paint on his neck (the factory figure's neck was unpainted), a coat of black paint on the arms and jacket and I now have my perfect Nick Fury figure.

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