Torso-Pit Commando
Arms and hands-Pit Commando modified (removed elbow pads, shirt cuff ruffles)
Legs and feet-25th Breaker modified (removed the leg pouch)
Vest-Pit Commando modified (removed the cross draw holster, added pouch from back,...)
Holster mag pouch-25th Cobra Bazooka Trooper
Leg straps-Resolute comic pack Destro
Book-Dr. Henry Jones

Dr. Daniel Jackson is a primary member of SG-1, a team of explorers operating within the Stargate Program. This particular head sculpt was one seen later in the series, as I understand it, after he no longer needed glasses. I completed Teal'c and Carter along with Daniel on this round. Stargate ran for 10 seasons and had the spinoff Stargate Atlantis which lasted for 5 seasons. (The new show doesn't qualify as Stargate, more like Melrose Place on a spaceship)

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