Head" comic pack Hawk, hair painted
Body Resolute Duke (jet pack edition) RIT dyed brown, then painted

Clayton Abernathy is the youngest General in the United States Army. His list of medals and education are too long to list here, though the Medal of Honor is among them. Shortly after reaching Lt. Colonel, Hawk formed GI Joe. Now, ten years later a lot has changed but Hawk is still the tough, experienced, intelligent front line leader he has always been. Three Generals came to do an inspection of The Pitt. Hawk politely entertained them for the tour and then politely told them to leave when they started asking questions. One stare from Tomahawk and they got the picture. A few years ago, due to a security breech, Hawk had to dye his hair blond. Now it is his natural brown and only Duke will crack a joke about it. 6'1" 200 lbs, blue eyes, brown hair, age 47.

I always really like Hawk but hated that he and Duke had the same hair color so I figure the cartoon and movie have him with brown so that is what I went with. Now Duke and Hawk are easily differentiated. I have not done many customs and now have a greater respect for those that do. As I saw the up close pictures I noticed how bad my painting is...

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