Head: 25th Snake Eyes V3
Hair: Some SW Han Solo from Tattooine
Goggles: Various parts, including Marauder's gun parts and stereo wire
Torso: 5-pack Greenshirt
Hood: 25th Arctic Snake Eyes
Upper legs, holster, pistol: 25th Duke
Lower Legs: 25th Roadblock
Upper arms: 25th Snake Eyes V1
Lower Arms: ROC Shipwreck
Hands: 25th Firefly
Bandolier, other gear: fodder too numerous to list

Ghost Bear was a great character idea, with a fascinating bio that tied into early GI Joe comic continuity. I never had the VvV version, but I wanted to build on that figure. There's a plethora of gear that's been added, subtracted, and more added again until I finally got him where I want him to be. The goal was to make an action figure who was covered in equipment, ready to strike at any time, in any situation, and I think Ghost Bear turned out quite nicely.

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