*Slayer Studios (Tri-Gate) Resolute Stalk 'em head painted by DNJCustoms.

*Pursuit of Cobra Beahhead Body, Hands, Rifle, and modified Legs (computer replaced with Bat holster, repainted Nato Green).

*Arms are modified A-Team BA arms

*Webgear (modded) from PoC Duke

I fell in love with this Stalker head awhile back, but until Pursuit of Cobra didn't have a body to use it on. The BA arms were a real pain to modify so they could be fully poseable, and I had to crack the torso 4 times before I found something that worked. This is one of my favorite customs of mine, and the best part is my son can play with it.

In my Joe verse, he is the mentor to the FNGs, and the guy that trains them in the mindset they need to survive in the field against Cobra.

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