Agent Helix Head, belt (softened and stretched), and weapons
Corps neck post and magazine pouch (cut out)
Baroness Torso (Heavily modified)
'03 Road Block waist (fanny pack dremeled off)
MXS rider style leg set
'86 Leatherneck Special Mission Brazil Arm set (sleeve pockets dremeled off)
Lots of kneadatite

I love the Agent Helix figure and she has to be by far the best female figure put out to date. However, I am really a fan of RAH and had to have her in that style to stand along all my other figures and customs. So, with my novice skill sets in hand I set forth to create her. I've seen old school brought up to date to new style, but never really the other way around. So here is my take on Agent Helix in RAH style.

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