Head: 25th Scarlett
Hair: Ms. Marvel
Upper/lower torso, arms: 25th Lady Jaye
Upper legs, upper part of lower legs: 25th Scarlett
Lower part of lower leg/feet: 25th Snake Eyes
Holster belt and pistols: Lady Jaye v4
MP-5: Elite force
Vehicle: Maisto Hummer HX
Metal fab gear: various sources

The Suze

Order from v4 Law & Order

Dog's name: The Suze
Primary MOS: Metal Fabrication and Mechanic
Secondary MOS: Intelligence
Birthplace: Buffalo, New York
Grade: O-3 (Captain)
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First off...much thanks to Chief for his help on this one! His custom, my idea.

I made this character as an homage to a wonderful woman who is very near and dear to me. The character bio had a few embellished and exaggerated details, and her name was changed, but for the most part it is true.

Even though the real woman is a huge fan of Jeeps, and has even built up her own Rubicon, I thought the HX Hummer had just the right amount of "ten minutes in the future" look to it that someone might build one and have it field tested by an outfit like the Joes. Maybe I'll get her a Rubicon as well.

The picture used in the file card is Leia from the Shadows of the Empire comic pack card art. In this particular picture, she looks like the woman on whom the figure is based, unfortunately the head of that figure looks nothing like this art work.

B.A.M. stands for Bad Ass Mmmm...her first name... ;)

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