Head: 25th Scarlett
Hair: MU Modern Ms. Marvel
Torso and Arms: ROC Baroness
Legs: classic Ms. Marvel uppers, Baroness lowers
Fishnets: Waterslide decals

Dinah Lance has a pedigree that few other Paladins can match. She is a legacy of sorts, in that her mother was a secret crime fighter in the day when such things were simply not matters of public knowledge.

But following in her mother's footsteps as a warrior on behalf of the Just was not the reason that the Paladin now known as the Black Canary joined EXCAL. Instead, it was her personal involvement with EXCAL Director Oliver Queen which brought her into the mix.

While that relationship has been off and on in the years since, Black Canary's commitment to EXCAL has been steady as a rock. She has successfully trained a recent graduate of the Paladin Knight Program, the Silk Spectre, who herself had a pedigree in fighting evil. And more recently the Black Canary participated in the daring raid of the hidden prison compound on Cobra Island.


Construction notes: The legs are the highlight of this custom for me, and I will copy that recipe as I work on an updated version of this character. I decided it was time to post her here, as I had run out of motivation to update the figure further, and will simply begin a new one.

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