Head: ROC Scarlett plus MU Black Widow hair
Torso: Modified MU Black Widow
Legs: ROC Helix
Arms: ROC Baroness
Gear: MU Black widow, plus ROC weapons
Holster: vinyl, hand made

A digital recording is being played back in the luxurious office of Director Oliver Queen, aboard the Battle Station Alpha (aka "Camelot") in a classified location where it now hovers, miles above the Earth below...

Stark: I'm telling you Ollie, that's all I know about her.

Queen: I want to believe you Tony, I really do. Her file name again? (points to a video screen, with a blurry long haired female being shown)...

Stark: Natalia Romanova. I highly doubt it's her real name, but it accurately depicts her nationality, as she is confirmed born in Russia. You know her code name by now, don't you?

Queen: Dammit Tony, why are you making me interrogate you? (Tony shrugs, then grins) Yes, I know it, the Black Widow. It's right there on her damned belt. Hell, it's right there on the card she left...HERE IN MY OFFICE!

Stark: (Laughing) well, what better way to demonstrate one's skills in a job application than that? Would you prefer she mail her resume?

Queen: So you say she worked for you at SHIELD?

Stark: Look at her, the way she fills out that outfit - are you telling me she doesn't work for you?

Queen: (wavering between smiling an getting even more pissed than before) So what was she originally? Russian Spy? An operative for the defunct KGB? An assassin for the Russian Mafia? What?

Stark: Yes.

Queen: To which one?

Stark: All of those, of course. And yes, she did work for me for a time at SHIELD, but it was....shall we say, an informal arrangement?

Queen: In other words, they'd have had your ass well before now had anyone known?

Stark: Bingo. This isn't the first time the Black Widow has applied for a job so...directly...you know.

Queen: Oh, you mean this isn't the first time she tracked down a Dragon Class Hover Carrier from a classified location, several miles off the ground, without being detected by active or passive radar, without an apparent hull breach being detected by ANY GODDAMNED source of intelligence aboard this ship, human or computerized, and picked the lock to an office, despite retina and fingerprint access only??!?

Stark: Hmm. That's a good question. The answer is probably not the first time, no. But I know definitively that she recently "applied" for a job to President Adama, in a very similar fashion. I think the Secret Service will be wanting a follow-up "interview" with her for that stunt.

Queen: Bottom line. Is she fighting for the good guys?

Stark: I know the Russians are about to fall completely under MEDUSA control. But trust me, if her patriotism is what you are worried about, you shouldn't be. Her patriotism is what might make MEDUSA her everlasting target. Anyway, her past is no more shady than any of the rest of us. It's just painted in different shades of grey. She's an asset. We could use her.

Queen: How do I contact her for a real job "interview"?

Stark: I suspect she'll call you. She's been listening all along. You don't think that business card you are holding is only a card do you?


Notes: In my EXCAL verse, the Black Widows are an organization that train female soldiers and spies, then hires them out to various organizations on contract. Some agents maintain the moniker "Black Widow" while others develop names specific to their new employers. Sometimes a Widow becomes a free agent. These are often the most dangerous. Natalia qualifies as such...

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