His body is a Destro from G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra film, the head is Zartan's from the same line. The hat comes from the Indiana Jones line also by Hasbro. The Thompson sub machine gun was purchased from marauderinc.

I always liked the 30s gangster look and figured that my villains needed henchmen, so I came up with a small group to help them fight the heroes. These characters could be hired muscle for the likes of the Joker or Two-Face. They could also be gangsters fighting Captain America and Bucky, finally they could be alternate rivals for the Joe DEF.

Thomas Gunn, is known for his 'ambition' willing to do anything and climb over anyone to get his way. They call him 'The Tommy Gun' as it is his weapon of choice, using it to shoot down his rivals when they least expect it.

He is a ruthless leader, his men follow him as much out of fear as out of respect. A low level figure in the Irish Mob he is willing to do work 'on the side' for anyone who is willing to pay.

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