The body is from the DC Universe Infinite Heroes: Commissioner Gordon, the hands are from Hasbro's Indiana Jones German soldier figure and the head is from the World Peacekeepers line of figures. Finally the hat was cut off an Indiana Jones figure.

I had to cut off commissioner Gordon's hands, dremel a hole in his wrists and insert the German Soldier's hands, these are more detailed and allow for better articulation. I then painted the tie, coat and Fedora using citadel paints Chaos Black and Blood Red. I then finished it off with a matte varnish, but as you can notice on most of my figures there is a little 'paint rub' in some of the joints.

I always liked the 30s gangster look and figured that my villains needed henchmen, so I came up with a small group to help them fight the heroes. These characters could be hired muscle for the likes of the Joker or Two-Face. They could also be gangsters fighting Captain America and Bucky. Alternatively they may be used to battle the Joe DEF.

Not much is known about Gavin O'Reilly, also known as 'The ghost' All 'Tommy Gun' knows is that he gets the job done.

O'Reilly is a hired gun, who prefers to work incognito. Unlike the other gangsters who prefer loud rifles and sub-machine guns, O'reilly likes to hide his pistol in his long trench coat, sneak up on an unsuspecting joe and put his gun against the back of his enemy's head without him ever suspecting it.

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