Head: Star Wars Comic Pack Imperial Disguise Deena Shan
Body: 25th Anniversary Baroness
Robes: Cotton t-shirt
Bandages: satin ribbon

After the monster survives the angry mob burning him alive in the old windmill, he is found by the insane Dr Pretorius. Together they blackmail Henry Frankenstein into making a mate for the monster, with disastrous consequences.

I first saw Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein in a double bill on television when i was nine years old. That started a lifelong love of horror movies, especially Universal and Hammer, and of old black and white films in general.
I bought the 1:18 scale Burger King Frankenstein figure a few years ago and had been mulling over imitating Dr Pretorius and making him a mate. When NJC#55 reared its head, I no longer had an excuse for prevarication. After it was finished, I was no longer satisfied with the BK figure, and ened up making The Monster. Rather appropriate as 2010 marks the 75th Anniversary of the movie Bride of Frankenstein.

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