Head= Ferret
Lef arm= Dee Jay v1
Right Arm= Overkill v1
Torso= Deep Six v2
Waist= Deep Six v2
Legs= Overkill v1
Backpack= Blowtorch
Flamethrower arm and fire from a Star Wars "Build A Droid" figure.

Allerdyce O´Hellison was Fire Chief in Liverpool. He was always careful with their peers, an excellent father and a friendly neighbor. However, this whole facade concealing the true Allerdyce ... a man who enjoyed sweeping forests and small towns through the "purifying fire." For years, he managed to hide his double life until an error made him fall victim to one of his own fires and he was imprisoned by the enormous amount of death and destruction he had caused.

In the prison kitchen, a fellow inmate who had lost his family in a fire caused by Allerdyce, hit him and plunged his arm into the boiling oil from the fryer. With no chance of recovery, doctors amputated his hand and arm to the elbow.
While he was in the infirmary the Red Shadows, under the command of Black Major, stormed the prison to free their comrades. Knowing that Allerdyce was in the same prison he was taken with them ....

"In the cold dungeons of a Scottish castle, the maddest scientists created with the remains of society's most deadly weapons a monster with what was left of Allerdyce. Under the uniform you see, there is not a man, just a demon "

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