Head: DVD Scuba Baroness
Torso & upper arms: Agent Helix
Lower Arms: Indiana Jones Irina Spalko
Legs: The Baroness (Attack on the Pit)
Feet: Agent Helix
Helmet: Claws Commander?
Flight Harness: Scarlett as Glenda


What could possibly be done with the craptacular scuba Baroness head? Not much, I thought, until the Scarlett/Glenda figure was released in a flight suit. Then I started slowly working out the rest of the pieces to make The Baroness in a flight suit. After all, in Marvel's GI Joe #1 we learned that she's a good pilot. During the Zartan introduction storyline we further learn that Wild Weasel might be the only Cobra pilot with more skills. I never noticed before, but the Helix arms are ridiculously short. I swapped them out the Irina Spalko lower arms, which are the same length, mostly to alter the look somewhat. The Baroness' high heels, which I wanted to keep, really made the stubbiness of the arms too obvious, so I had to swipe them out with the Agent Helix feet.

Colors & Paint:

What color for the uniform? This one took some mulling over. Black? Nah. That's what the character usually wears. Red? No. Then it would just look like a female Wild Weasel. Plain old boring blue? Yep- the glasses and the feminine legs would sell it as The Baroness more than any color. I considered red for the flight harness, but figured it would look too Spider-Man with a red/blue color scheme. Instead I went with dark grey-blue for the harness, throwing some red on the belt buckle. The helmet needed to be black to keep it Baroness-like.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The helmet was trimmed in the back to round up. The goggles were also cut off of the helmet. The latches on the flight vest were cut off, as the vest wouldn't actually close all the way. The opened flight vest should look stupid, but it works with the legs to show off the character's brashness and arrogance.

Thanks for looking.

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