Head: Sci-Fi v3
Torso: Super Trooper v1
Right Arm/Waist/Legs: Mercer v1
Left Arm: Gnawgahyde v1

Customizer's Comment: Based on Logan's appearance on page 18 of the "Fury" one-shot. While the character is basically the same, he has NO CLAWS in my Joeverse.

Codename: Wolverine
Filename: Logan (unknown whether first or last name)
Primary Military Specialty: Close-Quarters Combat
Secondary Military Specialty: Intelligence
Rank: Non-Applicable
Birthplace: Unknown

Bio: Logan was born with an X-Factor, an increased healing ability that healed most wounds and extended his lifespan. At some point in his life, he took part in the Canadian "Weapon X" program in which adamantium was bonded to his skeleton, unfortunately, this process caused Logan to lose his memories of his life until this point. Logan eventually went to work for Canadian Special Intelligence Services and on occasion SHIELD. In the mid-eighties, Logan retired until he was requested by Major John T. Magnus of the G.I. Joe team, on the recommendation of Col. Nick Fury of SHIELD, to be Canada's liason to the anti-terrorist unit.

"Logan's gruff, rude, and acts like everything's a big annoyance, but don't let that fool you he loves the job. Where else can he get away with some of the stuff he does?"

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