Head: Tunnel Rat (SpyTroops v. 4)
Torso & upper arms: Duke (BTR)
Lower arms: Duke (SpyTroops v. 12) modified
Hands: Recondo (SpyTroops v. 3)
Crotch & legs: Roadblock (SpyTroops v. 10)

Backpack & floodlight: Low-Light (ARAH v. 5)
Knife: Viper (SpyTroops v. 10)
Satchel: Baroness (comic pack)
Bandolier: Dusty (GvC v. 6)

One of my all-time favorite characters, I wanted a new-sculpt Tunnel Rat that was much closer in stature and overall appearance to his original look.

Once I had him built to the right height, the hardest part was modifying the lower arms to make them proportionate. An exacto and a drill did the trick and preserved the wrist articulation to boot.

Then it was just a matter of a little paint and picking the right accessories.

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