Head: Flint (SpyT) *
Torso, Arms: Recondo (SpyT)
Waist, Legs: Cross Hair (SpyT)

For Dial-Tone, I wanted something simple. I was coming off of problems painting the internal shoulder discs, and didn't want to paint much at all. However, I knew I needed certain features; the collared shirt, beret and mustache chief among them.

The shirt and pants combo fit my idea quite well. Plus, I decided that Dial-Tone really didn't need a functional beret, which opened up the Flint head for use. The beret's gone through many colors over the Hasbro versions; I stuck with the basic black that all Army gets to wear now.

The head has the only bits of paint, hair and mustache. In addition, I took the night-vision goggle harness from the BBI knit cap I used for Low-Light to become Dial-Tone's operator's headset.

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