Head: Airtight
Torso and arms: Countdown
Waist: Airtight, i think
Legs: Countdown

Ok, I admit, this isn't really one of my original ideas, as I copied someone else's design for this figure, just because I liked it so much.

I specifically named the figure as what the original customizer did, as to respect his custom. The sad thing though, is that I saw this custom years ago, and saved the image on my PC, and now, I can't find the real source of this figure, as to credit it appropriately.

So if you're the original designer of this figure, do drop me a line so I can credit you properly. and thanks for the idea! =)

And oh, don't mind the waist part of this figure. It was broken in the first place, and I tried to use putty to save it, but it really didn't come out the way i want it. hehe.

NOTE: Thanks to Joecustoms' Anlaschog for the link to the source of this custom:
(unfortunately, links are not allowed, so) - it was from Pablo Scaglione's custom posted at the Bivouac Archive. Thanks!

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