Head: Razorclaw v2
Torso: Razorclaw v1
Arms: Duke v16
Waist/Legs: Dr. Link Talbot v1
- Sub-machinegun: Snake Eyes v23
- Tac-vest: Gung-Ho v16
- Helmet: Grunt v9

This started out to be a Cobra Battalion Commander but when he was finished, it just said 'Wild Weasel'. Serendipity!

File Name: Classified
Primary Military Specialty: Ground support pilot
Secondary Military Specialty: Command
Birthplace: Classified
Grade: O-7 (Air Commodore)

Wild Weasel's status as Cobra's top pilot is well known. His choice of red for a flight suit colour is both a nod the legendary German pilot The Red Baron... and reflects of the fact that he's unlikely to be shot down... so who needs camouflage? He is shown here wearing a helicopter pilot's flight suit.

Special thanks to J_Man for the Cobra design inside the roundel.

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