Head: Gears of War
Torso, forearms, and hands: RoC Footloose
Upper arms: Retaliation Flint
Legs: Renegades Duke
Holster: 25th Snow Job
Boots: 25th Rock n Roll
Vest: RoC Footloose with magnet
Crossbow: 25th Night Creeper
Rifle: Ret Kwinn with Marauder silencer and pin added
Pistol: 25th?

You can count on one finger the amount of times the Adventure Team has needed to recruit a "hired gun". But hunting dinosaurs coming from a Cobra created time rift is cause for desperate measures. Skullstriker and Joe Colton go way back having briefly served together. When Skullstriker isn't serving as a "consultant" he's usually working with local governments and game wardens trying to protect humans from wildlife or more likely, the wildlife from the humans. Make no mistake though, he does it for the paycheck.

"Lions, grizzlies, pythons, it doesn't make a difference to me. Tranq 'em, bag 'em, tag 'em, and let them deal with it. Just make sure my bunk is clean and the coffee is hot when I get back."

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