Head; Spy Troops Overkill
Arms; Valor vs. Venom Gung Ho
Torso; 2002 Zartan
Waist; 2002 Nunchuck
Legs; Valor vs. Venom Storm Shadow
Turban; Wal-Mart figure
Belt; Nunchuck (modified)
Swords; Naugahyde

Al-Rashid is an Arabian assassin from the video game Mace: The Dark Age for the Nintendo 64 gaming system. According to the storyline, he is the "master of the desert wind" with his twin scimitars on his wrists. A group called the Covenant Of Seven (because of the seven most prosperous kingdoms in this game) all seek to wield the Mace Of Tanis in hopes of ending the corruption around the world and being able to rule singularly.Al-Rashid is the most accomplished assassin of the legendary Assassin's Guild and is hired by the Covenant Of Seven to retrieve the Mace Of Tanis and eliminate those who would stand in his way, as well as the way of his employers.

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