Heads: Cast of Viper/Rock-Viper v2
Body: Heavy Duty v4
- Pack: Dial Tone v6
- Rifle: v8
- Pistol: Heavy Duty v7 / Chief Torpedo

Needed to use up some t-crotch Heavy Duty bodies from army building CLAWS. This seemed to work out pretty well.

File Name: Various
Primary Military Specialty: Environmental Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: Surveillance
Birthplace: Various
Grade: E-5 (Cobra Master Corporal) or higher

The small Intrepid-class of Vipers are composed of tough and the most independent and self sufficient Viper NCOs within a given Viper infantry specialty. Typically, these operators deploy accompanying a ground patrol team such as the Long Range Scorpion Group. Near target areas of interest, where there will be future ground operations, one or two Intrepids - often of different specialties - bivouac and conduct forward tactical planning. Effectively they become local guides or facilitators ahead of the main body, whom they then fight with. Not quite Special Forces, a little more like Pathfinders (though not airborne), they are well equipped, well trained and definitely harbingers of destruction.

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