Head: Corps!
Arms: Wild Bill v5
Rest: Viper v8
- Backpack: Jinx, Funskool Psych-Out v3 dish, ski-pole
- Laptop: Dr. Mindbender v4
- Submachinegun: Storm-Shadow v26

Trans*-Vipers are members of the Tele-Viper corps who specialise in the operation and maintenance of strategic C3ISR** systems. For the most part they are found in Cobra Task Force headquarters, maintaining strategic computer networks and providing communications infrastructure and cryptological support. In order to provide Cobra forces with maximum telecommunications flexibility, however, they also maintain a deployable comms suite enabling them to establish instant broadband strategic intelligence and communications support at forward Command Posts. Trans-Vipers normally are deployed with a small detachment of Tele-Vipers, the latter of which are responsible for the routine operations of comms systems, both tactically and in headquarters. They are normally lightly armed for self-defence only, however they carry thermite grenades for emergency destruction of sensitive equipment.

* Telecommunications Relay & Advanced Network Systems
** Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

The emblem shown in picture 2 is that of the Tele-Viper corps

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