Head: VvV Ace ThunderWing V-7 (Neck cut off and hole drilled out for neck socket) (Hair and Facial Hair sculpted with GS)
Body: Snake Eyes V-43
Lower Arms: Storm Shadow V-23
Legs: Snake Eyes V-35
Weapons: Bought in 200pc bulk on EBay.
Black Sword: Kamakura V-3
Dual 45's:
Web Gear: Bought in bulk on EBay.

This is my self custom of sorts. Been meaning to post this one for a while. I created this fiction character, based upon myself. He's the living embodiment of time, space and reality. In an alternate dimension, his "Home" planet was running out of water, and suffering brutal heat waves. So in response, the worlds Top Scientists created a self sustaining power source. Capable of "Interstellar space travel." And the "World Government" devised a plan to go through a Black Hole and find a world to call Earth. Shaggy was one of five selected people to make the voyage. The voyage through the hole was successful. Until they got on the other side... Then everything went wrong. A strange bio-organic mass, soon started to spread all over their space ship. Within two days, it completely spread inside and out. On day three, alien creatures, made out of the same Bio-organic organism began forming and killing the explorers one by one. In a desperate attempt to get back to earth, Shaggy bravely try's to take the ship back through the Black Hole. Only to find that a Black Hole can only be entered through, not exited from. His body was painfully torn apart, atom by atom on the smallest molecular scale. Then reconstructed again. But in between the deconstruction and reconstructing, he sees a deity, which tells him that he will now be reborn as the living embodiment of time, space and reality. An immortal with the power to bend the fabric of time, space and reality to his will. Cursed to watch countless worlds die, time after time, as a "Regulator" and fight evil that would dare to rip holes in the "Time-Space Continuum". After putting in an infinite amount of life times in service to this deity, he is now retired. And has been rewarded with his own universe to do what ever he wants. And that's why their can be anybody or anything, in my Joe-verse. Because it's his to do what ever he wants.

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