Head - Krexx Radek custom sculpt
Arms - Wild Bill
Torso, waist - Cover Girl
Legs - Comic Pack Cover Girl

Submachine gun - fodder

This is an updated version of Cover Girl. The original figure is probably the one ARAH figure in most desperate need of an upgrade, since she's supposed to be a model but her face barely looks human. This custom uses a cast of a Krexx Radek head sculpt, the original torso and waist, Wild Bill arms, and legs from the 2006 comic pack Cover Girl, since the originals are pretty chunky. The grey gloves are an homage to the 2006 comic pack version. I definitely wanted her to have gloves as an armor crewman, so that figure works as inspiration.

I restored and painted an old Wolverine to go along with this custom, and there a couple of pics included of that here as well.

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