Head: Countdown v1
Arms: Cobra Commander v5/Battle Corps
Rest: General Hawk v8/General Tomahawk v2

Codename: Turbo
Filename: Magnus, John Thomas
Primary Military Specialty: Counter-Terrorism
Secondary Military Specialty: Small Unit Tactics
Rank: O-4 (Major)
Birthplace: Dalton, Georgia, United States

Bio: Standard age for enlistment is eighteen, but on Novemver 14, 2001, just over two months after 9-11 and only three days after his seventeenth birthday, John Thomas (J.T.) Magnus was handpicked by General Joseph "G.I. Joe" Colton to lead Frontline, a small-scale reinstatement of the G.I. Joe Team. It would be a mistake to assume that his age at the time had any baring on J.T.'s skills, his father having been the regular Joe team Colonel in charge of the reservist Steel Brigade units had an impact on J.T.'s view of life, making his greatest idols those who served. With his greatest dream being to serve in the military, J.T. worked to be able to do almost anything from emergancy medical aid to driving a tank to small arms and silent weapons.

While Turbo preferred as commander of Frontline, and prefers as second-in-command of G.I. Joe years later to be out in the field wearing his battle gear, occasionally he has to put on what he calls his "Officer Act" for the brass. But even at this, Turbo applies his own touch by still wearing his black Frontline class-A jacket instead of a tan G.I. Joe class-A jacket.

"Turbo truely believes in what Heinlein said about specialization; that it's not for humans. He was two ranks lower and a couple decades younger than me when we first met, but he's a soldier, a Joe to the core... Just don't let him get quiet and calm when he's angry, the results usually require janitors to be called." -- Colonel Jonas Jefferies, "Ghostrider", member of both Frontline and G.I. Joe.

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