Head= Law V. 1

Chest/Arms= Dusty V. 1

Legs= I forgot sry

Hair= Baroness

Horse= Fisher Price Husky Helpers


"Tomahawk" Axe thing from Techno Viper V. 1 rifle CORPS!

Eagle eye is an American (current) from Brooklyn. But when he was 3 1/2 his parents died and he was taken up by Cheif LongShot leader of an indian tribe. He could remeber some things from the "Big World" he called it but mostly ......Yep you guest it G.I. Joe. One day he was hunting and shot Flint (He was just walking arround in the woods) in the shoulder by acciedent and two months later joined G.I. Joe. He then went back to his tribev and brought back White Lightning.

P.S. Yes I did just get done watching The Last of the Mohicans in class and thinking of Hawkeye while I maid this :.). (good movie)

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