Head: 25th A Crimson Guard
Upper body and Arms: 25th A IG Destro (modified)
Legs: 25th A Crimson Guard

The Crimson Guards train the most elite soldiers in their ranks to be vehicle drivers. They are trained to drive any vehicle from motorcycles to tanks and even aircraft. CG Drivers enjoy showing off their skills as drivers by performing various stunts while driving. They will use any vehicle available in a combat style and show no fear while driving. In their downtime, CG Drivers like to make wagers with Cobra Vehicle Drivers, Motor-Vipers, and other Cobra legion Drivers in various driving competitions that range from Drag racing, Drifting, Street race (during rush hour) and Stunt Driving. One CG Driver had even made a Stinger do an end flip and land it on all four wheels and kept driving.

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