Head: Ripper v1
Torso: Torch v1
Arms: Ghostrider
Waist: Buzzer v1
Legs Upper: Avalanche v1
Legs Lower: Cobra H.I.S.S. Driver

Backpack: Buzzer (fuel can removed)
Compound Bow: Storm Shadow v2
Arrows: Tommy Arashikage
Scabbard: Slash
Sword:Skull head pommel-Guillotine
Sword:Hook-POTC figure
Shotgun: Headhunter Guard
Holster: Destro v10

This is the first self custom that I did to closely resemble myself. The hair style is one I had a few years back. Though, I always have a mohawk, I am constantly changing it.
This figure reflects all items that I like. Swords, skulls, chains, leather, guns (though I don't own any, too tempting), unusual boots, and sunglasses. This is not how I see myself, but is how I look, only with some small differences.

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