Head: Won't matter, he will never let you see his face.
Torso: Tele-Viper (modified)
Arms: Action Soldier
Waist: ??
Legs: ??

Anonymity Paper Bag: Modified Clean Sweep helmet (and epoxy)

From the book, Confessions of a True Fanboy. This is the ANTI-FANBOY, Johnny Jacobs. Mortally embarassed by James, Johnny covers his face with a paper bag. He will never reveal his identity and regrets that he was the cause of FANBOY's origin. Anti-Fanboy's only solice comes from psychologically messing with FANBOY. Either by referring to packages as blank year old virgin size or missing a hail mary pass from the delivery guy who has a blank year old virgin package. Constantly antagonizing FANBOY doesn't work though, and unfortunately, Anti-FANBOY becomes an unwitting pawn of the FANBOY. Read the book, it'll change your life.

I made this for Johnny, whom after seeing James', wanted one of his own. You can not resist the power of the dark side.

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