Head: 21st century Vietnam tank crew (repainted)
Arms: SGT Stone (repainted)
Torso and upper legs: POC Recondo
Lower legs:25th Zap
Holster and pistol: Hunterartworks
Backpack: ROC Heavy Duty
Gatling gun: $2 store
Hat and Bandana: Lee Scorsby, Golden compass

This was my fifth entry into the Original character contest

Code Name: Bull
File Name: Smith, Jeb R.
Affiliation: Johnny's Rebels (Cobra)
Primary military Specialty: Mechanic
Secondary military specialty:Domestic Terrorist
Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas

Bull possesses almost super-human strength and is a genius mechanic, unfortunately he uses his skills to invent terrible new weapons for 'Johnny's Rebels' a biker gang secretly funded by the Cobra organization. Bull does more than fix bikes and make new weapons; he loves wielding his inventions against the Joes. His all time favorite is his 'Gatling gun' which has a devastating effect on his enemies sending them running for cover, if they're lucky enough to escape!

'Johnny's supposed modern confederates are nothing more than a front for a violent outlaw biker gang, they know more about Colonel Sander's Chicken than they do about the civil war and they're giving all southerners a bad name! ' -Wild Bill

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