Head: '85 Bazooka (modified)
Chest: '86 Leatherneck
Arms: '89 Deep Six
Waist: '84 Mutt
Upper legs: '85 Flint
Lower legs: '88 Muskrat


I had two goals with this figure. The first was to make a Marine figure as a nod to my brother, as I'd already made a Navy Corpsman (for my Dad) and a Seabee (for my brother).

The second was to try to make the fleshtone match that of someone from India. Most of the customs I've made are white, black, or Hispanic. I wanted to try something different. The Bazooka head has a mustache nearly identical to that of the local Indian restaurant owner, so it was a perfect starting point.

I've also found I get more mileage out of heads by shifting the ethnicities in addition to changing the hair color.

I resculpted the nose bridge to make it appear less like Bazooka's pug nose and also thinned the lower lip.

The Leatherneck chest was naturally a good "Marine" pick. The Deep Six arms were a bit of a stretch, but I liked the look of the ribbed material, which was close to the shoulder padding.


I've been doing lots of camouflaged/speckled and desert figures. This time out, I went for the OD look instead with a brighter green for the padded/ribbed areas.

The fleshtone isn't exactly what I wanted. I couldn't quite get it where I wanted it. It's a bit too light and could probably use a bit more orange mixed in. I am happy that by darkening the skin and lightening the mustache the "Bazooka" appearance is diminished.

Thanks for looking.

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