Head: SW Pregnant Padme Amidala
Torso, arms: Bombstrike
Waist, legs: Comic Pack #16 Cover Girl
Vest: POTC Liz Swan Preview figure
Remington M870 Shotgun: Bbi

Real Name: Jennings, April
Birthplace: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Primary Military Specialty: Close Quarters Combat
Secondary Military Specialty: Military Police
Special note: Lycanthrope
Grade: E-6

Female lycanthropes are surprisingly rare-just why this is, nobody can say, but they are. April Jennings is one such rarity.

Growing up, April led a pretty much normal life-she was the younger of two children, both girls, living a fairly normal semi-rural life. Her father sold insurance, her mother taught elementary school; April had her circle of friends, did girl things, fought with her sister, and was an otherwise normal kid. She did have a tendency, though, to stick up for kids who were being picked on, and her nature was a friendly one, meaning she excluded nobody from her group of friends, even if it meant having friends turn their backs on her because of it.

This, then, was perhaps what drew the spirit that granted her lycanthropy to her; all she knew was a day after her seventeenth birthday she woke up in the middle of the night to come face to face with it, and her life changed forever.

At eighteen April put aside plans for college and joined the Army as a military policewoman, serving in the Third World War as part of an elite covert ops unit made up entirely of lycanthropes, among them Robert "Doc" Kramer. As the youngest and only female in the group she was treated a bit like a kid sister, and despite her own abilities had to endure the naturally protective nature of her male comrades, which occasionally created friction (some believe this is why female lycanthropes are so rare), but never enough to lead to serious problems. Following the war the unit was renamed the Wolf Pack, and April continued to serve with them until they were broken up, some leaving to start lives outside of the military, others being sent to form new units in the newly-created Special Tactical Operations Command. April joined one such unit and served six months until her tour ended; craving something different she chose not to re-enlist but instead opted to head to college and study to become a police officer. She eventually became a Pennsylvania state police trooper, moving from patrol to SWAT and other high-risk jobs within the department, until she was contacted by Gen. Abernathy and asked to join Vanguard, initially as a trainer, and later as an operative. Naturally she jumped at it, especially with a chance to work alongside her old friend and comrade, "Doc" Kramer.

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