Helmet and backpack: Guillotine
Chest Plate: Barrel Roll
Leg Armor/holsters: Shipwreck and Barroll RollLeg guards and holster from Overkill
Skull: Guillotine Sword
Torso/Head/Upper Arms/Waist/Upper Legs: Sand Viper
Lower Arms/Legs: Night Creeper
Blades: Various swords
Guantlets: Various figures

This figure was 4 months in the making. This was my idea of how the Wraith was supposed to look like after reading all the blogs on the web about him making it to the shelves as a figure. Regardless, I didn't feel like waiting. This was careful planning because I wanted him to look more like an alien from another planet that just a regular suited character. In the end he turned out awesome. Besides, he looks better in person. In fact he is bigger than my Road Pig custom. I always envisioned The wraith as a large figure around 7 foot tall.

The background of his story takes place after he crash lands on Cobra Island. Cobra Commander sends out his Vipers to hunt for this creature. In addition, General Hawk sent in his top commando, Snake Eyes to investigate. After he encounters Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, realizes that he has the skills and strength of both Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes.

As you can see in the last pic, I made a lot of weapons for him to use. Since I figure he needed a lot of weapons for his cause and mission.

Drop me a line and let me know what you think.

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