Head: 25A unmasked Beach Head (modified)
Torso, arms: 25A Resolute Cobra Commander (modified)
Upper legs: 25A Dusty
Lower legs: 25A Firefly

Cover: ARAH Comic Pack General Flagg
Web belt: 25A Cobra Bazooka Soldier webgear (modified) with pouch from 25A Firefly webgear added
Weapon: from 25A Firefly


Another international figure, obviously influenced by the Devil's Due character of Wilder Vaughn. As far as I know, there is no official acknowledgment by either Hasbro or DD that Wilder Vaughn is The Black Major, but the concept seems strong enough to accept.

Rather than try for the red topcoat version, which Fozzie already perfected with his custom, I went for a more traditional version in black. I wanted a look that was halfway between a regal uniform and a field-ready one.


The uniform is not black, but rather charcoal grey. This allows for a bit of contrast between the uniform and the webgear. The red cover of the original Palitoy figure seems a bit off compared to the rest of the uniform, so it is also charcoal grey here.


The hair and goatee were added to the Beach Head head. Instead of the "Thurston Howell" scarf, I sculpted a pulled-down ski-mask. It's not quite what I was aiming for, but it works well enough.

Thanks for looking.

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