Head (Star Wars TFU Juno Eclipse), Torso, Upper Arms, Upper Legs (RoC Attack on the Pit Baroness), Lower Arms (RoC Cover Girl), Gloves (???), Lower Legs (RoC Agent Helix), AKS-74U (Marauder, Inc.).

The base figure for this was the RoC Attack on the Pit Baroness. First, I replaced the lower legs. Next, I cut the lower arms just below the elbow joint. Zanya often wore 3/4 length T-shirts and this is what I was going for here. I cut a pair of RoC Cover Girl forearms to the proper length and then super glued them in place (full articulation was retained). I cannot recall where I took the gloved hands from, but they were attached to the lower arms. The torso was sanded smooth and then a bit of Super Sculpey was used on the lower half of the torso to simulate the bottom edge of the T-shirt. The holster and magazine pouches attached to the thigh rigs were cast using push molds of bbi Elite Force accessories. The thing that took the longest with the whole body was hand painting the Dreadnok symbol on the front of her T-shirt (I skipped the lettering that should be above the symbol in an effort to preserve what remains of my sanity). The body was then set aside so that I could begin work on the head. Basically, it is just a Star Wars TFU Juno Eclipse head with the braided hair sculpted on. I agonized for a long time over the hair sculpt and I'm still not totally happy, but it is the best I was able to accomplish with my current sculpting skills (sigh). Zanya's many peircings were painted on using little dabs of silver paint that I built up until they actually had texture - yes, this took quite a while. Painting completed, I put the head on the body and armed her with an AKS-74U from Marauder, Inc. A nasty little weapon for a nasty little lady. Finally, everything was given the usual application of Testors Dull-Cote.

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