Head, belt: IJ Russian Soldier
Torso, upper arms: Hard Master
Lower arms: 25A Cobra Soldier
Hands: ???
Legs: 25A Flint V1
Rifle: ARAH Red Star
PFD and leg clip pouch made from Para-Viper harness
Arm pouches made from Cobra Bazooka Soldier webgear


I saw a video of Russian sailors (I assume they were sailors but may have been a different branch) boarding a Somali vessel and arresting the pirate crew. The sailors were wearing what appeared to be orange and yellow PFDs (personal floatation devices- life jackets), though the footage was dimly lit and it could have been different colors. I liked the design enough to use if for an Oktober Guard team member.

Colors & Paint:

The uniform was to be a camouflage pattern, but the base green was too glossy. Instead of using the intended camo, I hit the shiny green with a dulling grey wash. It looked interesting so I left it.

The factory head wasn't originally painted poorly (even though it was in the notoriously sloppily-painted Indiana Jones line), but just looked too happy. I repainted it with a more neutral look.

I often leave weapons alone, but threw a gunmetal grey wash over the rifle and painted the scope ends.

Sculpting & modifying:

The PDF is made from the Para-Viper harness. In its original form, I don't care for the Para-Viper harness. It's too bulky and stiff. When cut into component parts, though, it becomes a gold mine. It can be broken down into 5 or 6 really nice detail-laden bits. I used the upper portion of the harness and the back to make the PDF. The clip pouch on the legs is also from the Para-Viper harness.

The head socket was filled to sit higher on the neck post.

The straps for the leg pouch were added to hide the gap between the upper leg halves, which wouldn't snap back together completely.

Thanks for looking.

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