Head: TOMAX '85
Torso/Waist/Arms: Duke '93
Legs: Sgt. Slaughter '88
Gun: Spearhead '89 (Night Force) w/ a Star Wars barrel and a
sculpy clay magazine.
Backpack: Dusty '91
Belt: A newer version a Hawk, Valor Vs. Venom I think.

Yearbook two was the fist time I had heard of the Oktober Guard, and it is still one of my favorite issues to re-read. It spotlighted each member of the team just enough that you knew who they were. Almost like they were given a file card.

I really wanted to do the green version of Schrage, but the parts I had on hand limited me to a tan version. Since he does appear in both uniforms throughout the Marvel run, I just went with it.

His hat is sculpy clay, and I used the sewing needle trick I learned from seeing ZombieGuide's customs for the cigarette.

And, although it's not to visible in the photo, I glued a small piece of Sub-Zero's ammo belt onto the magazine leading into the barrel of his gun. It gives it a nice little detail.

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