Head: Crazylegs V1
Chest: Bazooka V1
Arms: Duke V6
Middle Piece: Worms
Upper Legs: Worms
Lower Legs: Worms
Accessories: None
Notes: This custom was just way to easy, almost a lazy b*st*rd custom. All I did was remove the awful number from Bazooka V1 chest and proceeded to pain the figure. Almost not worth doing at all, but i figured a vehicle as complex as the WASP needed a specialized gunner and I liked the way his filecard

File Name: Rostoff, Andre W
Place of Birth: Partizanske, Slovakia U.S.S.R
Primary Military Specialty: Anti-Aircraft Systems
Secondary Military Specialty: Radar
Rank: E-4 (Soviet Junior Sergeant)

Scattershot is a qualified expert with most Warsaw Pact small arms to include the AK-47, AKM, AKSU-74, and the PKM 7.62mm Heavy Machine Gun. Scattershot has extensive training on all modern Soviet and Warsaw Pact forms of Anti-Aircraft systems including the new WASP (Wheeled Anti-Aircarft Sentry Platform). Scattershot graduated at the top of his class with the best

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