Entire figure is a repaint of the Snow Storm v1 figure.

Name: Dimitri Sergov

An adaptation of the Rocket Red origin to my universe. Rocket Red is a DC Comics character

The Rocket Red Brigade is nothing more than the last line of defense of Mother Russia. The Red Rocket Program was initiated during the Cold War. It is an armor with defense and attack capabilities. It would be no less than an armor with systems capable of defense and attack with a pilot inside. It would have a capacity of handling greater and lesser visual and radar signatures.

Nothing was more obvious than that the program would be incorporated in some way by the Oktober Guard. And so one piece of armor was developed with this function, to become the Oktober Guard's Air Force. To integrate the armor, they called the pilot Dimitri Sergov.

Among some modifications of the project, specifically for the Oktober Guard, is the ability of the armor to invade and control other software systems.

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