Head: ARAH Repeater
Chest/back, arms, waist: ARAH Headman v2
Upper legs: ARAH Bazooka v1
Lower legs: ARAH Falcon v1
Webgear: 25A Cobra Officer w/ 25A Baroness holster
Backpack: ARAH Gung Ho v1
Rifle: 25A Cobra Soldier?


I never cared for the business suit design of the Headman chest. Lacking a tie, it looked very out of place for the double-breasted gangster look it was meant to have. Something about the double row of buttons caught my eye... It seemed that the torso, if framed with the right web gear, might make for interesting Ruslan figure.

Like most of the artwork in WWIII, Ruslan's appearance is never quite the same twice, leaving lots of wiggle room to create a good design.

The pointy, but low, chin of the Repeater head looked like an easy transition to unkempt facial hair.

Colors & Painting:

The uniform has two-tone camo pattern, using vertical shapes. There is more contrast between the two colors here than I usually put into camo patterns.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The Repeater head was reworked. The cover was whittled down and then reshaped as a stocking cap. I also added little spots of jutting hair on the head to give the messy hair look. Instead of just painting on the goatee, I decided to sculpt it and expand it to a rugged beard.

The Baroness' holster was added to cover/bridge the gap of the webgear's belt, which wouldn't snap shut on the larger ARAH frame.

The hollow space of the Gung Ho backpack is filled.

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