head - resculpted Mego MaryJane and sigma goggles sides
body volks japanese dolllife body
boots - wwe build a wrestler boots
jump suit - 9" Zephram Cochran Star Trek: First Contact
hands - gung ho
1/6 smg
snake eyes shirt sword and sheath
snake eyes webgear
duke v1 holster off belt

Lt. Daina -

Daina Janack has faced opposition her entire life. In spite of joining in a still militant age of gender oppression within the armed forces of Czechoslovakia, she quickly rose through the ranks and earned her commission. Laterally trained as both marksman and helicopter pilot, impressing many with her skills above all behind the controls of the MI-24 Hind. She is loyal to those who are loyal, and in such will still follow an order even if she does not agree with it. Col Bekhov once mused about her as "I wish she could just get us deployed then leave, but who am I to tell someone so good at fighting to leave the fight?"

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