head - mego scaled dc universe copperhead
torso - sigma strike duke
forearms, hands, hand accs and left fore arm accs - crossbow stormshadow
right forearm accs - trimmed cobra commander v1 guantlet gun
lower legs - parachute duke
chest armor and skirting - marvel legends BAF doramamu trimmed, bottom of front of skirt for abdominal armor, trimmed off cape, and outer skirt as well as collar
hood - 200x masters of the universe vs snakemen kobra khan hood
staff - cc v1


There have been several attempts at creating the Cobra Emperor. The first was sabotaged by Cobra Commander. The result was a hulking beast that nearly destroyed most of Cobra Island before the chemical bonds broke down and the beast disappeared forever. To cover this failure, Mindbender created a ruse. In the place of creating the Serpent Lord he took the apex soldier from the Viper ranks and using the Brainwave scanner, imprinted him with the knowledge and profiles of the leaders. In a great theatrical show he proclaimed "Arise, Serpentor Arise!" It did not take long for him to realize that he could not control his Emperor, and began to cultivate new samples to replace the damaged and depleted from the first attempt. This time he decided to take his time, while Cobra Commander was distracted by the puppet, he found the elements he needed, substituting dna from StormShadow, Slaughter and even himself this time. But there was still an element that eluded him, it came to him in a dream. In a hidden lab he maintained with the Interrogator they began the work to create the perfect leader. Mindbender was summoned away and caught up in the war for Cobra Island that ended with his puppet slain. Learning of the death of Serpentor and disappearance of Mindbender, the Interrogator began the process of awakening their creation. This Serpentor was a success, his first order was to have individual decedent clones made of each of the original DNA samples, in time they would be his legion.

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