Head, arms: BAT V4
Torso: Blackout '03
Waist: Razorclaw '04
Legs: Cobra Commander '87
Accessories: BAT V4 (Wave 5.5)

Designed to be a frontline assault unit, the BAT Mk IV Heavy Assault (or BAT HA) supports heavier armor and firepower than the standard BAT V4 model, at a sacrifice of speed and maneuverability. Also in this model is an upgraded targeting system for more rapid tracking and a decrease in "friendly fire" incidents.

The BAT HA can direct its attacks independently using a variety of tactical subroutines, or can be controlled wirelessly through a receiver mounted on the left leg (its major weak spot; if the BAT HA is operating in wireless mode and the receiver is destroyed, tests have shown that 75% of the time it will shutdown or go haywire and shoot anything in sight. Cobra Command has decided the risk too low to worry about, however.)

The BAT HA comes equipped with a flamethrower and heavy machine gun arm for direct assaults and a detachable sword for close assault situations. Their armor is solid enough to withstand most small arms fire up to 7.62mm and they are equipped with independent processors throughout the body that will enable it to keep functioning (ie., moving and firing) if the main CPU is damaged or destroyed.

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