Pilot Scarlett - Head
Lady Jaye - Upper Torso, Arms, Boots
COBRA Bazooka Trooper - Torso, Hands, Lower Legs
Cover Girl - Upper Legs
Concept Boba Fett - Spit Attack

More COBRA Infected! These are, for those of you who didn't see the first batch, mashups of COBRA soldiers from GI Joe with the Zombies from Left4Dead. It's a fun project to keep me busy while I plan out more complicated figures, and a nice way to use up fodder that might not otherwise be utilized. I gave myself a rough "no buying new parts for zombies" rule for my first two batches, but after 10 or so I might need to replenish some parts. I don't think this batch is dynamic as the first, mainly because I think the L4D1 designs were more visually interesting than the L4D2 designs (and this batch is mostly L4D2 infected).

The Spitter started as a filler custom, just a way to round out this "wave" (or strain) of figures, but really grew on me as I started to piece her together. Figures like this can be a fun challenged as I try to use up older fodder, match elements of an existing design, work in recognizable details from another concept, and try put my own unique spin on it while coming up with something that looks good. I think her spit accessory works great, though I might need to add some gloss to it make it look more slimey. Oh, and for those of you unfamiliar with the L4D Infected she's grotesquely

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