Helmet - Star Wars Tycho Celchu
Head and Rifle - ROC Duke
Armor - ROC Charbroil modified with hilt from 25th V.3 Snake Eyes knife hilt and 25th Torpedo holster
Torso and Arms - ROC Ice Viper
Upper Legs - 25th Wild Bill
Lower Legs - Resolute Duke

Another in my series of vehicle driver updates from earlier this year, Back-Stop seems to have gotten the best response, and is perhaps my favorite too, I think because he was one of the drivers from this era I liked least to start with. He had a bizarre color scheme and weird armor that only covered a bit of his chest. I decided to really play-up the Back-Stop goalie angle and give him more armor, and of course, a much more plausible color scheme. I did leave some of the red and yellow of the original helmet untouched, as an homage to Back-Stop's ARAH design.

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