Head: Sagat
Arms: Desert Scorpion
Torso: Aero Viper
Legs: Spirit v3 (Air Commando)

Dog Tooth was caught trying to steal the Thundermachine. He was able to take out Thrasher, Buzzer and Zandar until Road Pig clubbed him in the head with his Mallet.

The fight cost Dog Tooth his eye, but it gained him a job. Zartan, having seen Dog Tooth working for Cobra during the 'Springfield years' , recalled how talented he was at repairing anything mechanical.

When he questioned him as to why he was trying to steal the Thundermachine, his answer was a simple one "Money".

Zartan offered him a position as a mechanic working for him. He promised more money than Cobra once paid him, and a chance at getting revenge on Road Pig for losing his eye.

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