Head: ROC Storm Shadow (unmasked)
Torso/arms: 25A Dusty
Hands: ROC Accelerator Suit Duke
Legs: 25A Snake-Eyes
Body armor: Resolute Duke
Dog: ARAH Junkyard


This is an original character of a dog handler. I used parts that would combine to make a fairly generic uniform. For the canine, I chose the Junkyard body because it was closest to the target dog breed.

Colors & paint:

For Fleabag, the human, the color scheme is a warm autumnal color set- rust, brown, beige, and mustard. The obvious exception is the blue of the gloves. They are inspired by blue gloves worn by a Green Beret shown on a National Geographic special about Green Berets in Afghanistan. I like the out-of-place color because it looks as if the character couldn't find regulation gloves that worked and decided to use some thick hockey gloves instead.

I wanted to try to diversify and disguise the Storm Shadow head with blonde/orange hair and a 5 o'clock shadow. It worked pretty well.

Overall, the look of Fleabag isn't bad, but it somehow looks more like a Star Wars color set than a GI Joe one.

For Kennel Cough, the canine, the color scheme is modeled after my dog- a Blue Heeler. I'd never tried to do any paint work to indicate hair patterning before, so it was fun to get it to work. Blue Heelers have very odd color mixes. Mine has black, white, and grey splotches. The trick turned out being painting the major color areas in solid colors, and then painting the other color as brush strokes on each section. In other words, a black patch of hair is highlighted with grey and white strokes and vice versa. For color continuity, the eyes are the same color as the pouches on Fleabag's uniform.


Because spray-paint won't stick to the more flexible rubber/plastic, I replaced the "skirt" portion of the Dusty shirt with masking tape.

Thanks for looking.

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