Head, upper torso, arms: Mego Dukes of Hazzard Boss Hogg (modified)
Waist: ARAH Heavy Metal
Upper Legs: ARAH Frostbite
Lower Legs: ARAH Cutter


This figure began as General Austin- a character of which I'm astounded no one has bothered to make a custom. When I went back to GI Joe #1 for reference material, I was surprised to learn that the character wasn't as pudgy as I had remembered. Then I remembered that General Hollingsworth, Austin's semi-successor, was drawn a bit heavier. It also occurred to me that changing the skin tone would make the figure less recognizable as having a Boss Hogg head, and so one general became another.

My biggest disappointment with this figure is that I couldn't find a cover to fit over that huge Boss Hogg melon. I ended up using a Dress Blues Gung Ho cover, which isn't really the right shape and serves as more of a prop than an actual head piece.

Colors & paint:

About 9 years ago, I did a dress uniform Falcon. It doesn't really hold up these days, but I used the same green spray paint so that General Hollingsworth would at least match Falcon in terms of color. It was interesting to figure out the some details are best not sculpted, but painted.

To offset the somewhat cartoonish sculpt of the head, I added age lines and the Morgan Freeman freckle-mole-liver spot things.

I've never worked with waterslide decals and this would have been the perfect project. However, I was too lazy to learn, so all of the ribbons/medals/patches are painted, as is the nameplate. The buttons are also painted, with thick layers of yellow topped with gold to add a bit of thickness. Many of the items are "implied" as I couldn't get enough detail to do them justice.


I wanted to use the Boss Hogg body to make a Joe dress uniform custom, but the legs were just too short. They were removed and replaced with 25A legs, but those didn't look right. ARAH parts were instead to make the figure taller, but more in keeping with the Dukes of Hazzard upper body. With new legs, the arms were in need of lengthening as well.

I was initially going to go with the open jacket and modify the body less. However, my friends with military service quickly advised me of "all buttons buttoned", so I went the more difficult route. I tried to make this figure's uniform 75% accurate/25% artistic license. Some details couldn't be done right due to the figure's shape. The shoulder boards, for example, don't have as much detail as they should, because the shoulders were just too narrow to do correctly. The "skirt" portion should be just a tad longer- but when it was longer it looked like maternity clothing.

The arms were extended with epoxy putty- the shoulders were also widened with it. The front of the body was removed and replaced with masking tape and epoxy putty.

The legs are glued in place inside of the waist, which is glued in place inside of the lower torso. Aside from the knees, the legs don't move. Like many of the more complex figures I've done heavy modification to, this figure is more of a statue than an action figure.

Thanks for looking.

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