Head: Indiana Jones
Torso: PoC Kickback
Arms/jacket: Indiana Jones
Thighs: RoC Storm Shadow
Lower Legs: Renegades Tunnel Rat
Feet: Indiana Jones
Belt/gun/whip: Indiana Jones

It should be no secret that I love Indiana Jones. I think I have made that pretty clear. So I was extremely excited about Hasbro's Indiana Jones movie line, even with the articulation failings. The case assortments and distribution were horrific and poorly planned and executed and the line was killed before it ever even had a chance. Nonetheless, it was great while it lasted, and all the clearance enabled me to acquire enough extra Indys to make this. And even so, it was a lot of work to get the jacket to fit. I reduced the height of the torso a little, but the jacket still is a little too short. But I'm ok with it. I have a fully articulated Indy, and that makes me happy.

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